Prof. KURAHASHI`s interview was quoted in Yahoo!News.

Prof. KURAHASHI`s interview was quoted in Yahoo!News.

Professor KURAHASHI Setsuya of the Research group on systems management was interviewed by Yahoo!News about our future prevention measures against COVID-19, and his comments were quoted in the following articles.
Yahoo! News (Thursday, August 5)


On July 12, the 4th COVID-19 state of emergency was declared in Tokyo. On July 31, the daily new cases in Tokyo exceeded 4,000, a record high, and many people are worried about the situation with no end in sight.

Vaccines are still the key to bringing the situation under control. Currently, about 30% of the population has received two doses of the vaccine (as of August 3), but if vaccination continue at this pace, how would the number of new positive cases and those who are seriously ill be changed?

We asked Professor KURAHASHI Setsuya, University of Tsukuba, who has been working on infection prevention in a Cabinet Secretariat simulation project.

  • There is a possibility that the number of new positive cases in Tokyo exceed 10,000 per day in early September.
  • Depending on the vaccination plan, the mountain of infections could be greatly reduced.
  • It is important for each of us to imagine a better future and change our behavior.