The Outline of the International Management Professional Research Group

In response to management issues that are becoming diverse, complex, and advanced due to rapidly developing information technology and globalization, the International Management Professional Research Group is driving forward research of wide management areas, intending to create research results from both quantitative and qualitative research techniques and returning the research results to the real society. This domain is roughly classified into four areas: the “Applied Information Area” and “International Adaptability Area” that respond to computerization and internationalization and the existing business school’s fundamental areas—“Business Strategy Area” and “Organizational Management Area” (see diagram).

The “Business Strategy Area” covers competitive strategy, marketing, finance, and accounting, which are central issues of management studies. The “Organizational Management Area” implements research with a focus on organizational behavior and human resources management. The “Applied Information Area” covers a wide range of areas including statistics and data analysis and areas related to AI and its business applications. The “International Adaptability Area,” which is a characteristic of this major (from the viewpoint of global management), has areas such as management in different cultures, knowledge management, and international politics and economy as subjects of research.

Moreover, the system of cooperation of faculty members who are researchers and faculty members who are practitioners, the percentage of overseas faculty members of multiple nationalities that make up a majority, and the diversity of a high percentage of female faculty members are actively and efficiently utilized as part of the organizational characteristics of this research group. Furthermore, efforts are poured into driving forward research of academic areas day by day through the exchange of information and ideas related to themes of research and research methods.
As a further characteristic of this research group, it is driving forward collaborative research with the most advanced researchers of various areas through academic networks with leading universities in other countries. These results are shown at international conferences and via collaborative research papers.

The faculty members of the International Management Professional Research Group conduct educational activities as people mainly in charge of the Graduate School of Business Sciences’ MBA Program in International Business [reference information:].