The Outline of the Systems Management Research Group

The Systems Management Research Group covers a wide range of research areas related to the management of business, which include the following: areas of mathematics such as statistics and operations research; areas of information such as artificial intelligence, data mining, agent-based simulation, and knowledge engineering; and, central areas of management studies, which are management strategy, organization theory, marketing, accounting studies, and finance.

The goals of this research group are also to take in the viewpoint of merging design science and cognitive science with the ideas of data-oriented science to evolve and deepen the understanding of the phenomenon in the area of management studies and to return research results to the society. These goals are also strongly desired to be driven forward as outlined in the country’s 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, and it is a research area that, as a university, we must drive forward in a stable way. Furthermore, the aforementioned “data-oriented science” is an area that is in the limelight as a science following “theoretical science,” “empirical science,” and “computational science,” and it is a research area with a high level of importance in the case of taking present-day social environments into account. Moreover, “cognitive science” is a conventional science that developed with studying existing things as its main objective, and “design science” is the action of knowledge that aims to study things that should exist. The serious issues that humanity is faced with cannot be solved without integrating the sciences, i.e., “studying things that exist” and the technology that is “studying things that should exist.” This situation is the same in this research group’s main area of management, and the necessity of research is thought to be extremely high.

Diagram schematically shows this research group’s framework of driving forward research and the relations among its research fields. This research group has the issues of each area of the fields of management: management, marketing, accounting, and, finance. They drive forward new business science research that merges mathematics and information with management that compositely uses the areas of mathematical science, statistical sciences, and information science.

Diagram. The Diagram of Relations of Research Fields and the Framework of Driving Forward Research

The faculty members of the Systems Management Research Group conduct educational activities as the people mainly in charge of the Graduate School of Business Sciences’ Systems Management Course of the Enterprise Sciences Major (doctoral course) and the Master’s Program in Systems Management (Master’s course) [reference information:].